People from all over the world come and visit the holiest place on earth: The Western Wall in Jerusalem also known as the "Wailing Wall", just to touch the holy stones of the ancient temple, kiss them and whisper a prayer.

They write a request, a prayer or a letter to God and they insert it in between the ancient blocks of the holy wall - The holiest place on earth and the closest place to God.

People from every nation, race, religion and gender write requests concerning their love life, health, financial difficulties and relationships. They ask for forgiveness, reconciliation and wishes of the heart.

Then, they secrete their wishes within the wall - The holy Western Wall in Jerusalem - The most sanctified city to all religions.

Now, you too can send your wish or request to God - Even if you can't come to Jerusalem.

Write down your wish or personal request - in your own words - in any language.

We will print it on paper and insert it within the holy blocks of the Western Wall. We will send you a confirmation email upon placing your letter.

Your prayer will arrive at the sacred location that is the Western Holy Wall in Jerusalem - The most sacred place in the world and the closest one to God - without even leaving your chair, from anywhere around the world.

It's easy, It's fast, It's simple.

May your wishes come true very soon.

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